Lions Mane Review

"Lions Mane Silver Edition" a clickfet semi mech with battery safety, switch on/off, 18350, 22mm atty with matching stand.

Vaping Bogan Review

Vaping Bogan did two reviews about my products check them out !

Vaping Vic Review

"Solstice" is a 18650 clickfet Sqounker carbon black tube

25mm tank fitment

Coasts Vaping Vic Review
"Coast" is a 18650 DNA 75 Build stand with an added Nixie Tube

Flat Cap Unboxing

"Magus" a twin 18650 old school DNA 250 to fit a 30mm tank, fire clued carbon steel  

Winter coat Vaping Vic Review
"Wintercoat" is a 21700 DNA 100c the first stabwood mod made with evolvs new Board