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New Bespoke Vape Mods 


21700 clickfet tube mod led switch 30mm tank fitment brass leather, stabwood. Made in house at


“Time” it’s a nixie single tube clock with a 18650 ohm reader dna75 plus extra 510’s made on a stabwood mini river stand all in house at


“Ramirez” a triple tube 21700 dna250c stabwood hybrid mod designed for a 40mm atty UV glow in the dark reactive colour made in house at

The Troubles

“The Troubles” a dna75 pure wood 18650 squonker made in house at


Twin battery Dna250c stabwood Hybrid 21700 200watt regulated Mod


Isabell, a dna 75 mod with brass plates and a preserved peacock feather in the side of the mod itself 


“Light” a single 18650 stabwood mod dna75c board 40grams of sterling silver hallmarked hand-engraved made in house at

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