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  • How do I go about Buying one?
    "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Laozi (c 604 bc - c 531 bc) send us an email with your requirements
  • What is the cost?
    That Depends on what you want but it is a fraction of the cost of a high street shop, Prices start from £25
  • Do you put items for sale on here?
    Yes if it's for sale you will see a price next to the item.
  • How can I pay for an Item?
    I Accept Paypal if its a bespoke Item (made to order there is a deposit of 50% upfront cost.)
  • Is your work sustainable and is it really handmade?
    Yes, all my work is made from my own wood or from sheet leather from scratch. All by hand.
  • Do you have a warranty in place?
    Yes, a standard industry 90-day warranty on vape goods
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, but extra costs are involved for Overseas Postage.

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