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Bespoke Vaping Goods

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Bespoke Mod Enquiry? 

Have an idea for a bespoke MOD then 

Stabwood Mods

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Vape Mods at

Welcome to Bespoke Modmaker. 

The Vapesmarter brand is known industry-wide and is, in every sense, the ultimate choice for unique handcrafted stabwood vaping Mods and accessories. Your Vapesmarter journey begins with YOUR own ideas and specifications being brought to life. Whether you are looking for a mechanical mod, a regulated device, an e-pipe or even some customised stands for your equipment we can make your desires a reality. Hardware, battery choice, chip specifications and size are all entirely to your own specification. Your final product will be entirely unique and much-coveted by your peers. Have a good long look at the gallery to see some of the beautiful creations past and get in touch to see how we can create something just as stunning for you.

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Drip Tips

Here at, we have a range of drip tips to suit 510 and 810 Atomizer tanks all Driptips come either bagged or boxed

The carrier for the tip is stainless steel the 510 has

a single o ring seal

They fit various tanks and are all hand-turned

prices start from £10 plus postage in the UK

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